Desert Adventures - Flash Fiction

Post 31 Desert Adventures  Copyright © 2015 Ben Kesp

Gradual warmth spreads over his body. Before, there was nothing. Empty and dark. Slowly lifting his eye lids, the red glow of the sun lights the sky around him. Focusing his gaze, views of sand reach his eyes on all sides. Where is he? The coolness of the desert evening becomes apparent sending goose bumps over his skin. Peering down at his naked body only seeing his underwear, he ponders the moment. Bright blue briefs. They are unfamiliar to him. He is startled by his appearance and tries in vain to recollect his memories. Blank thoughts greet him. 
His toes play with the sand beneath his feet, still warm after the day’s burning sun. He takes a few steps ahead and stops to survey the sight before him. Mounds of sand stretch as far as he can see. Not a tree in sight, no vegetation of any kind. He processes the current position as if waiting on instruction. 
His stomach calls for food. Not knowing which direction to walk in, he sits wi…

Friday: Battle Ground - Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 4

Friday: Battle Ground  Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Short Story Series Book 4  Post 30 

Excerpt 2
“Almost one year on from the world shocking news, the ninth century monastery perched high on the Siarc Mountains is once more making the headlines. But did it ever stop making it into the headlines? This past year, story after story has been leaked as to the true purpose and role of the Massomite monks. Their role, it is stated, is to safeguard and record the true world history, which is claimed, is not what world governments want us to believe. What is the real truth of our past and history? World governments have demanded access to what they are calling a “World Treasure”, but up until lunch time tomorrow, it will remain protected by local state legislation as it has been for the last twelve months. Come tomorrow afternoon, it will no longer fall under that protection. World media have scrambled to the Siarc Mountains in the hope of speaking with Abbot Fernando, the man in charge of the monaster…

Friday: Battle Ground - Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 4

Friday: Battle Ground  Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Short Story Series Book 4  Post 29

Excerpt 1
Stepping into the busy department store, he blends in with the evening rush of shoppers. Daring not to look behind, he moves forward focused, and enters the food court towards a newspaper stand. Grabbing the evening paper, he quickly browses the other titles on display, uninterested in the news but taking the opportunity to survey his surroundings. Ignoring the noise of chatter, rattling of dishes and footsteps of passersby, he relaxes somewhat having shaken his two followers. Returning the paper to its stand, he gravitates towards the exit of the food court and crosses the mall towards the blue neon sign displaying men’s sportswear. He steps inside, and casually spends some time browsing the racks before plucking a zipper hooded top, and heads for the dressing rooms. Once inside, he sits, exhaling deeply. 
It’s only been a week since he started his first mission for the Massomite Order of Monks, co…

Friday: New Dawn - Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 3

Friday - New Dawn  Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Short Story Series Book 3  Post 28

Excerpt 1
Two hours earlier, Elizabeth places her mobile on the small window seat. She stares outwardly onto the vacant street. At the end of its summer season, Quesser Creek has never looked so quiet. An empty street glares back at her. The army patrol runs its regular route every twenty minutes. She knows this is the beginning of the great plan that Project God Trials are putting in place and Quesser Creek is at the centre. How have they decided? Placed a pin on the map, or was it down to its location? However they chose, the town is now under quarantine, and she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jacob got out, but she wasn’t so fortunate. Trapped like rats behind the barricades, it’s a test tube moment. The general public may not know, but she is aware the outbreak of virus H48-64 which science has labelled it, isn’t an accident. It all happened two days earlier. She muses on the thought bri…

Friday: Project God Trials - Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 2

Friday – Project God Trials
Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Short Series Book 2  Post 27 
Excerpt 1
Placing the hairbrush on the stand, the overhead fluorescent light reflects in the mirror highlighting her tired face. She is losing count of how many days she has been cooped up in this underground bunker. Tiredness creeps over her. Doubt has been forming all week edging closer to her spoken words. It has been two years since she walked out of Claremont Hospital, and she discovered that shortly after, Dr. Speel had her deregistered, suspending her licence to practise psychiatric care. Elizabeth imagines how he revelled in his deed. Still, she holds no regret in her decision. Her life had reached a cross road, and she chose to believe and follow her patient Jacob Fontain in investigating what he believes is that something is hiding under the waters at Quesser Creek. In addition, her quest is to seek answers for the injustices carried out by Claremont Hospital on patient treatments and on Jacob. 

Friday - Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 1

Friday Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Short Story Series Book 1  Post 26 

Excerpt 1
Placing his hands on the hot green railings, the temperatures soar to thirty-five degrees Celsius. The warm breeze brushes his face. From his high view point, he casts his eyes across the bay to the distant white cliff face. Large cargo ships sail by. A young couple brings his attention to the beach on his right. Summer tourists. The girl is standing on the sand and her partner is in the water. He is trying to encourage her to get in. She refuses. After several attempts, she gives up and returns to her sun lounge much to the disappointment of her partner. A sea gull’s screech draws his eyes away from the couple on the beach, upwards to the bird soaring high searching for a morsel of food. Returning to his task, he pulls himself upwards on to the hot railing steadying himself. He peers downwards, and his eyes rest on the bed of rock below. 
One final check to ensure that the climbing harness is securely fastened, h…

Discover the Author Programme

Post 25
The Author Programme specialises in providing practical knowledge and key skills necessary for candidates interested in pursuing the path of publishing any form of writing in addition to those willing to pursue a career as a writer or to learn and apply techniques of the writing process. The Author Programme contains three levels: 
Programme Levels: 
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